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Government Relations Copy

Government Relations

       Vision decides strategy

   We have built good relationships with many governments and their local Chamber of Commerces in HK and mainland China and other Asian countries.  Our contacts include the American Chamber of Commerce, German Chamber of Commerce, HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation, Canada Commercial Corporation, Italian Institute of Foreign Trade, France Economy at Commerce Promotion International and chief members in the Gulf area.We act as an investment consultant and look for investment opportunities in China and other asian countries.
  We have also partnered with the China Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce to link international communities and university research promotions.We have established partnerships with many top universities and banks for their economist exposure with corporations.  Our network covers American and European councils, family investment funds, and state governments. We helped a lot of Chinese and other Asian companies establish good relationships with local governments, which provided seamless logistic support, intellectual property registration and regulatory compliance, as well as local media contacts